Simply Dabbling

Wine Spread 

As I have dabbled over the years, both with food and crafts,

I have always wanted to start my own business.  

Hence, Simply Dabbling, LLC!  Coming from a  long line of

entrepreneurs, they inspired me; gave me the courage and

support to start my own business.  The Wine Spreads are a

family favorite and after sharing them with friends and family,

we decided to share with the rest of the world. 

So it began…starting out small and testing the waters.

We currently offer:

- Wine Spreads
- Flannel rag quilts/placemats/runners
- Christmas stitchery & button tree (Framed or Matted)
​- Ornaments

- Gift sets* (housewarming, birthday, engagement, anniversary, christmas, etc…)

Indulge and treat yourself to one of these simples

pleasures.  Or, perhaps you are looking for a unique,

“thought of you” gift for the simple acquaintance or

the special someone in your life! The ideal product is

waiting for you!  

Feel free to CONTACT US for more information. 


it all started with a dream... and a glass of wine